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Give a new lease of life to your vinyl record collection. Each record will be split into individual tracks, so you can go direct to any song like a regular CD. The sound is digitally enhanced, with optional extras including scratch removal.
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1 Record         £3.99
2+ Records     £3 each

Transfer your Slides to a DVD
Transfer records/tapes to iPod
Special Price for Digital Camcorder
> Top-Quality CD Disc
> CD Case
> Individual tracks
> Customer Care Hotline

Custom CD case cover, and disc label. Design your own cover/label, or simply let us scan the original record cover. From £1 per CD. Complete list of all the tracks on the disc - £1

Removal of scratches, clicks, and pops from the music. Don't let annoying clicks and pops affect your enjoyment of the music. £1.99 per record side. Background hiss removal if the record is in very poor condition. Remove specific parts from the audio. Move specific parts from the audio to a different place on the CD. Merge different audio pieces together. From £1.99 per CD - enquire first on 01253 866 996.

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