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Cine Film Processing (Standard-8 and Super-8 film reels)

£8/100ft for a basic transfer
£10/100ft for a Premier transfer
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Youtube Video direct link

Sample video below of footage from assorted reels from the 1960's.

Transfer your Slides to a DVD
Transfer records/tapes to iPod
Special Price for Digital Camcorder

Relive those distant family memories on both Standard and Super 8mm Cine Reels. Orion Media uses the latest technology to digitally transfer your cine film reels to digital. The footage is then put through specialist computer software where a 5-step procedure enhances the image.

  • 1. Sharpen the Image
  • 2. Increase/Reduce Brightness and Contrast
  • 3. Crop the Image to fill the TV screen
  • 4. Edit out blank gaps
  • 5. Colour Correction

A fully authored DVD is included with chapter points and a full DVD menu.

Many of our customers have no idea what is on their cine reels. You are more than welcome to come in and sit with one of our editors whilst they go through your footage on the computer. If there are parts you do not want to include, they can be removed. If you want the reels putting in date order, we can do that. And if you simply want footage of your parents on one disc and footage from holidays on another disc, we can easily sort this out for you. A personal touch is included with every order.

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